Our Ministries

Here at The Sanctuary, there are different groups, but one big family! We offer something for everyone. We also have Service Teams that work within our church. Fellowship along with study and worship is a priority and we seek God's Face in all that we do. When you decide to visit us, come with the expectation of being welcomed with a love like you have never seen before. Also, anticipate hearing the Truth of God's Word revealed in a way that can be easily understood. 

Men's Ministry

Our Men's Ministry is comprised of some powerful men who seek God's Face in their lives.

Women's Ministry

Our Women's Ministry is comprised of some illuminating and vibrant women who are strong in faith and mercy! Join them today and enjoy the happiness in brings to be in fellowship with God-loving ladies on a mission for the Kingdom!

Service Teams

Our Service Teams handle the mission of the church in it's service to others. 

  • Worship Team

  • Fellowship Team

  • Inward Focus Team

  • Media Team

Children's Ministry

It is a wonderful feeling to know that your children are safe and sound while you are attending church. We want you to experience that feeling so that your focus is where it needs to be; on the message of God's Word! Our children's ministry educates in a fun way that your children will remember and engage in! 

Sunday School Ministry

Sunday School is the bedrock and foundation of a church that is on the way to great things in Jesus' name, and we at The Sanctuary believe this to the fullest!

We have some thing for all ages. You can ensure that the Word of God will be shared in a personal and intimate manner.

Pastoral Support

It is the intention of our Pastor to serve The Sanctuary congregation in a way that Christ served the church; selflessly and with a focus on the Father. This service extends to all who need prayer and comforting.