Don't miss our coming events:

September 2021:
*September 11- Saturday: Women's Ministry Brunch (10am)
*September 18- Saturday: Quilter's
*September 25- Saturday: Men's Ministry: Single Women's Oil Change (9am)
*September 26- Sunday: New Member's Summit (1pm)



October 3- Sunday: Pulpit Fill- Guest Speaker
October 3- Sunday: Women's Ministry: Ladies Salad Party @ Yvonne's (after service)
October 9- Saturday: Chicken-Q and Bake Sale @ Depot
October 13- Wednesday: No service
October 16- Saturday: Quilter's
October 23- Saturday: Women's Ministry: Paint Party (10am)
October 24- Sunday:  Staff Meeting
October 27- Wednesday: Deacon's Meeting (6:30pm)
October 30- Saturday: Men's Ministry: Golf (8:30am)


November 4- Thursday: Board of Director's Meeting
November 6- Saturday: Men's Ministry: Women's Shooting School (TBD)
November 7- Sunday: Fall Business Meeting (After Service)
November 12- Saturday: 14-Forty Youth Lock-In (9pm-8am)
November 14- Sunday: Church-Wide Thanksgiving Meal
(After Service)
November 20- Sunday: Quilter's
November 24- Wednesday: No service
TBA: Men's Ministry Breakfast or Lunch


December 1- Wednesday: Deacon's Meeting (6:30pm)
December 4- Saturday: Women's Ministry Christmas Tea (Noon)
December 10- Friday: 14-Forty Youth Christmas Party (7pm)
December 11- Saturday: Date Night: 14-Forty Youth sponsored (6pm-9pm)
December 12- Sunday: Senior Luncheon (Pastor) @ TBD
December 18- Saturday: Quilter's
December 19- Sunday: Children's Service (11am-12:30pm)
December 19- Sunday: Christmas Candlelight Service w/ Finger food (6pm)
December 22- Wednesday: No service
December 29- Wednesday: No service
TBA: Men's Ministry Christmas Activity or Event

January 2022

January 8- Saturday: Women's Tres Dias Meeting (8am-3pm)
January 9- Sunday: Staff Meeting
January 15- Saturday: Quilter's
January 15- Saturday: Bon-Fire and Chili Cook (5pm)
January 29- Saturday: Women's Tres Dias Meeting (8am-3pm)

February 2022

February 5- Saturday: 14-Forty Youth Fundraiser: Valentine's Banquet
February 6- Sunday: Staff Meeting
February 9- Wednesday: Deacon's Meeting (6:30pm)
February 12- Saturday: Women's Tres Dias Meeting (8am-3pm)
February 19- Saturday: Quilter's
February 26- Saturday: Women's Tres Dias Meeting (8am-3pm)