About us

Thank you for seeking out our church today!


We are a fairly new church (we have only been around 8 years), but we believe we are on the ground floor of something great that God is going to do here! It is our hope for you to join us in the growth of God’s Kingdom.


We are considered an Independent Baptist Church and we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and our Redeemer. We make no apologies for that belief. In a world that has so many questions and barriers to belief today, we know that we are comforted by the Holy Spirit sent by our Savior. We gladly profess this and follow the Bible’s teachings.


We regard your visit to our website as something that was God lead, meaning that you are not here by circumstance; there is a purpose.Our hope is that your visit here will lead to a personal visit to our church, and eventually a decision to join our church family, making this your new church home.

If you have any questions or wish to speak with someone further about our church, please feel free to contact any of our Ministry Staff at any time. Our contact information may be found on the "Visit Us" tab on this website.


Again, we are excited that you visited and it is our sincerest prayer that you visit with us and leave revived in the Spirit and with a desire to return again!


God bless you and know that you are loved.

our Ministry Team:
Jeff Dean

Senior Pastor

Lacey Merritt

Children's Director

Sean Patrick

Music Leader

Dave 1.jpg
David Bittick

Operations Director


To be a CITY ON A HILL, shining bright the LOVE EXAMPLE of JESUS CHRIST that will influence a RADICAL desire for personal change that cannot be denied by those who EXPERIENCE A REAL ENCOUNTER with the Holy Spirit of an Almighty GOD; BRINGING HOPE TO A BROKEN WORLD



1. To follow the Great Commission of JESUS CHRIST.


2. To be the “CITY ON A HILL” like we claim to be by drawing others through the displayed, active LOVE of JESUS CHRIST.


3.To maintain a “Kingdom-minded”, RADICAL approach to service and ministry so as to EXEMPLIFY our true leader, Jesus Christ.


4. To focus on carrying out the Ministry of Jesus Christ, fully, in His Word and in our deeds.


5. To LOVE and serve individuals with a passion of BRINGING HOPE TO A BROKEN WORLD that leads to someone EXPERIENCING A REAL SALVATION ENCOUNTER.